Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Life of a Coastie Wife

I would like to add pictures to my blog. I have some ready of the area around Housing, but our laptop is in the shop. I accidentally dropped it off the sofa! My desktop is also broken and I need to get it fixed, it's just not a priority yet. So I've been using my Blackberry phone.

This week was eventful.

David left for his first schooling three week session on Monday in Yorktown, Virginia. He said it is very historical there and we have to make a trip out there someday soon. It is a little hard having him go to school or be away. I miss the conversation and interaction with him. In some ways, my life is easier. I don't have another parent getting involved with disciplining my girls. I resort back to single Valerie days where "anything goes", but really I know I am a good mom. I just mean that I do not stress over them eating in front of the TV for breakfast or staying up a little later.

On the days I don't have the girls, it is harder. I feel like a single, lonely person! It also is hard because I know David is having a great time without me! I know we both are used to being single and married life is new to us (me too), but I also know that he will come home soon. It's nice because I get chores done really fast and I have time to think. I don't have someone needed things or discussing money with me! That is really nice.

The things I miss is just him. His face, his eyes, his smile. You know how it is...

I went to a Spouses Club Meeting on Wednesday. It is sort of like a planning committee for the Coast Guard. We do so much through the year. I am in charge of the newsletter. People said I did great job for September. Now I have to outdo myself for October!