Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4, 2011

The weather has been really chilly lately. Right now it is 40 degrees! Brrr. After Halloween, the weather turned suddenly. It went from being warm and crisp and sunny to windy, chilly, with lots of fallen leaves everywhere. It was kinda neat to have Fall come right on time. I went for a 20 minute run/walk around Hamilton Field today. This is going to be a tradition when I don't have a lot of time to work out. I just go outside and start jogging. I am looking forward to finally taking pictures of Hamilton Field. We've been here for 1.5 years, almost 2 years in April. It's the house we've lived in the longest! And I'm hoping we can live here for another 4.5 years or longer! I finally got my upstairs heaters to work! All they needed was the air to be released out. It is so nice to have cozy water heaters in every single room, including the bathroom and we can turn the heat on whenever we want because we don't pay utilities because it is a government house. Blessings!

I am this close to getting a new job/career at the YMCA ran, state funded, low income preschool as a co-teacher. This will be the best teaching job I have ever gotten. I have waited five weeks for this job, for them to say yes. They have said they want to offer me the job, but need to check my references. That was four days ago. It's a really long process, but I haven't gotten a no yet, so I am hopeful.

Halloween was a lot of fun. It was really funtrick or treating around Coast Guard Housing. Some people went all out and my kids got to go trick or treating with their best friends, which was great. My kids are not little anymore. They are 8 and 10 and act like big girls. It's kinda neat to watch.

I am almost done with my second semester of school. I am a junior now and I have about 14 classes left, which is 7 short semesters. I am thinking of what to take next semester. I think I may take an environmental science class and a Jane Austen short course. This semester I took American Civil Rights Movement, a History course and an English Composition Class. Both classes were good. History was excellent. English was a lot of writing, I think 10 papers in all with a 10 page research paper at the end. My paper is on the stress of deployment on military spouses and children when the service member is away.

David and I had a good time at the Marriage Conference last weekend at his church. It was really nice. They gave every couple a mix CD because the theme was, "Your Love Is A Song". We got really good cupcakes at the end too. We bought some books to read together and a workbook. They also had a catered lunch, breakfast, and dessert buffet. It was nice.

I have been going to my church in Novato with the girls, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My testimony is really started to bloom again after being withered for how many years? Probably since 2005 or so. My divorce and custody battle really hit me hard and it has taken me a long time to stop being angry at God. My visiting teacher, Bethany came over and she said just the right things that I needed to hear. It was awesome. The girls love Primary and I am starting to make some friends. There are a few military couples in the ward and I don't know, I think the timing has just been right because I have been going through so much lately with custody battles and jobs and finances and just me...

Veterans Day is coming up! One of my favorite holidays after meeting David because we get so many free things! Also, our 2 year wedding anniversary is Nov. 12th. Wow!

Monday, July 25, 2011

New School Shoes

Cargo Pants for Callie
Makenzie's Shoes

Callie's Shoes

New Backpacks and Lunch Bags


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Morning Breakfast!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Places we want to go with the Coast Guard

If we have to move, we want to move here:

  • Boston, MA

  • Key West, FL

  • Hawaii

  • Seattle, WA

  • Anyplace in FL

But for now we are in Novato, CA and thankfully so. I can be near the girls while I work out a schedule with their dad. It was total coincidence that David even got Alameda. One of his supervisors thought he would do well there. We weren't even married yet, so we couldn't put down my kids as a reason for staying in the area. Him getting Alameda has really been one of the reasons we have been able to stay together, get married, and grow as a family.

We have two more years in Novato, CA and then we will ask to stay on for another 2-4 years. David needs seatime on a ship. Which means he has to go out on a boat for 3 months on, then 3 months home, 3 months gone, 3 months home. There are a lot of ships going out of Alameda, SF Bay Area. The Coast Guard has you make a Dream Sheet with your top choices and any reasons why you need an area. We will put down that we need to stay in the area for my children. However, the Coast Guard is the boss here, so we'll see...


Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Life of a Coastie Wife

I would like to add pictures to my blog. I have some ready of the area around Housing, but our laptop is in the shop. I accidentally dropped it off the sofa! My desktop is also broken and I need to get it fixed, it's just not a priority yet. So I've been using my Blackberry phone.

This week was eventful.

David left for his first schooling three week session on Monday in Yorktown, Virginia. He said it is very historical there and we have to make a trip out there someday soon. It is a little hard having him go to school or be away. I miss the conversation and interaction with him. In some ways, my life is easier. I don't have another parent getting involved with disciplining my girls. I resort back to single Valerie days where "anything goes", but really I know I am a good mom. I just mean that I do not stress over them eating in front of the TV for breakfast or staying up a little later.

On the days I don't have the girls, it is harder. I feel like a single, lonely person! It also is hard because I know David is having a great time without me! I know we both are used to being single and married life is new to us (me too), but I also know that he will come home soon. It's nice because I get chores done really fast and I have time to think. I don't have someone needed things or discussing money with me! That is really nice.

The things I miss is just him. His face, his eyes, his smile. You know how it is...

I went to a Spouses Club Meeting on Wednesday. It is sort of like a planning committee for the Coast Guard. We do so much through the year. I am in charge of the newsletter. People said I did great job for September. Now I have to outdo myself for October!